the STEPs.org1 is an Association2 of highly motivated social entrepreneurs, finance & technology professionals and their organizations with the common goal of bringing about positive social change.

1 Social Transformation Enabling Projects & Organizations

2 Approved by the Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives
Challenge Statements
2.6 million people aged 15 or above are still unemployed (BBS, 2017)
Adult literacy rate in Bangladesh is 61.5%
Out of 60 million people in the workforce of Bangladesh, 21%  has either no education or less than complete primary education
Only 50% of the students who enroll in first grade reach grade 10 in Bangladesh
26% of the population has received no education, while a further 30% has only some primary education (BBS 2015)
40% of the population aged between 15 and 24 years which is up to 11.6 million youth or about one-fifth of the total working age population in Bangladesh are classified as “not in education, employment or training (NEET)
1 in every 2 graduates is without employment in Bangladesh
Sector Related SDG Targets for Bangladesh

Achieving 100% net enrollment rate for primary and secondary education.

To ensure quality education at primary, secondary and tertiary education.

To Increase cohort reaching grade 5 to 100% from current 80%

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Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives
Challenge Statements
Bangladesh’s traditional banking sector lacks adequate technology and only serves 17% to 36% adults
Financial account ownership among adults is only 31%
Bangladesh’s Annual National Poverty Rate is 23.3% and Extreme Poverty Rate is 12.9%
The value of transactions through mobile finance services in Bangladesh was 5.6% of GDP in 2015
60% of our adult population is still unbanked
Only 9% Bangladeshis have Digital access to financial services through bank accounts
Only 40% adult access mobile money. Only 17% have full service bank accounts
Only 34% of Bangladesh’s total population is financially included
2.23+ million people still live in slums across the country
32.2 million registered mobile banking accounts, yet cash is the most prevalent form of financial transaction; lack of awareness and trust in technology lead to 80% people in not adopting mobile wallet
Sector Related SDG Targets for Bangladesh
Reduction of Income Inequality from 0.458 to downward
Reduction in the head-count poverty ratio by about 6.2% points
Reduction in extreme poverty by about 4.0% points; cut to 8.9% by 2020
Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives
Challenge Statements
In 2016, CO2emissions per capita for Bangladesh was 0.46 metric tons
Since 2009, an estimated one person has been displaced in every second by natural disasters, with an average of 22.5 million people displaced by climate or weather-related events
Environment pollution is killing approximately  280,000 children in Bangladesh annually
Only about 6% of the entire population has access to natural gas, primarily in urban areas
Agriculture sector is the leading contributor, with 39% of total Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions
Sector Related SDG Targets for Bangladesh
Increase energy efficiency by 10%
5% Reduction in greenhouse gas emission by 2030
To minimize climate change effects and reduce environmental degradation
Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives

“A nation that has no culture cannot afford a civilization

About 68,000 people are directly and indirectly involved in Jamdani, which has been recognized as a World Heritage by the UNESCO

More than 12% handloom units in Bangladesh shut down their production due to lack of yarn supply at reasonable price

Weavers do not get quality raw materials like yarn, dyes & chemicals at right time and at the right price

Aiding the production of Jamdani can contribute to the visibility of the intangible cultural heritage while promoting respect for cultural diversity

Members Involved
Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives
Challenge Statements
Under-nutrition is the underlying cause of 3.5 million deaths among children under-five worldwide.
Bangladesh stands Lowest in the Global Food Security Index-2017 among South-Asian countries
42 million people remain as food insecure and  6,000,000 children estimated to be chronically undernourished
Only about 40% of our population receives some kinds of state medical care
81.3% of the population consumes 23% lesser than the ideal calorie intake
Our HealthCare Ratios:
Available hospitals to people 
1: 95, 069
Available hospital beds to people
1: 1,528
Available doctors to people 
About 30% of dying patients are unable to receive services of trained physicians
Consumption of milk per capita per day is 55 ml whereas the ideal consumption requirement is 250 ml.
Sector Related SDG Targets for Bangladesh
Reducing the proportion of stunting among under-five children from 36.1% to 25%
Reducing the proportion of underweight children among under-five children from 32.6% to 20%
Sector Related SDGs Addressed by theSTEPs Initiatives
Challenge Statements
Over 95% women do not have awareness about financial products and services
Only 26% women in our Labor Force has bank accounts
33.5% of the labor force in Bangladesh is Women
The average woman earns about 60% of what a man earns for the same amount of work in Bangladesh
If women's unaccounted work is counted in monetary terms it will amount to 87.2% of GDP
71% women RMG workers give all or a large portion of their salaries to their husbands
Out of 7.8 million businesses in Bangladesh, women-owned enterprises are 7.21% which is insignificant compared to men owned ones. Women account for only 17% of individuals employed in these enterprises
Sector Related SDG Targets for Bangladesh
To Increase the ratio of literate female to male for age group 20-24 to 100% from the current 86%.
To Increase Gender Parity Index in tertiary education from current 0.70 to 1.0.
To Increase the share of female officers (Grade-9 and above) in the public sector to 25% by 2020.
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Our Sector Projects
Impact Generated So Far….
BDT 34m
disbursed to Dairy Farmers in Remote Bangladesh
8,000 MSEs serviced through the i-SME platform
USD 2.2 Million has been invested in the integrated i-SME Digital Service Platform for enhancing MSME preparedness
2,000 MSEs digitized to enable formal financing leveraging an automation platform and physical outreach
10,000,000+ members brought under financial net through our enterprise solution for MFIs
Members Involved
Our Sector Projects
Impact Generated So Far….
32,000 entrepreneurs in attendance from all over Bangladesh in the National Entrepreneurs Summit
300 IoT professionals introduced to IoT standards
Literacy Programs for Mothers and Daughters, initiated by Dishari Foundation
Distribution of books to 1,050 high school students by theSTEPs to promote reading beyond school curriculum in Gacha, Gazipur
Members Involved
Our Sector Projects
Impact Generated So Far….
USD 0.8m has been disbursed through Business Partnership Platform for Improving the Dairy Sector & Promoting Sustainable Energy in Bangladesh
2,000 MSEs and 375 Dairy Enterprises (DEs) have been financed to implement Zero Waste Model
2,000+ ZWM, 3,500+ MSEs Green Projects implemented nationwide, increasing sustainable energy generation and reducing household smoke which is responsible for 10% of global death (WHO)
USD 4,000
incremental annual income generation after ZWM implementation
Bio-Digesters installed
BDT 120 million in investments for 600 MSEs through Impact MSE Platform
Members Involved
Our Sector Projects
Impact Generated So Far….
USD 4,000 incremental annual income generation after Zero Waste Model implementation
2,000 MSEs and 375 Dairy Enterprises (Des) have been financed to implement Zero Waste Model
BPP 3,700+
Bio-Digesters (ZWM and BPP) installed ensuring the households with lesser inhalation of carbon
Planned disbursement of BDT 30,200,000 to Women-led enterprises in CHAR Areas enhancing food security
41% increase in monthly milk consumption for household beneficiaries

Our Nabiganj Center during টেলি ডাক্তার service.

Patients are enjoying the service of টেলি ডাক্তার program at our Jessore center.

theSTEPs.org launches their টেলি ডাক্তার program.

Members Involved
Our Sector Projects
Impact Generated So Far….
Up to 1,240 enterprises to receive financing in Kurigram and Gaibandha; primarily Women-led MSEs
BDT 32,000,000 disbursed to Women-led enterprises in CHAR Areas
3,000 Dairy Enterprises (DEs) serviced through the i-SME Platform and 375 DEs financed to implement ZWM; with a prime focus of encouraging Female oriented DEs
50% reduction in time spent by rural women in cooking and collecting firewood through Zero Waste Model (ZWM)
Members Involved
Idea Generation
Select transformative ideas to solve pressing problems in education, health, environment, financial access
Activate the Collective
Identify a group of social entrepreneurs and their organizations with the requisite skill sets, domain expertise, and infrastructure to execute
Build Enabling Platforms
Use the collective strength in analysis, technology and finance to create platforms that enable realization of the idea
Be present on-the-ground to implement the solution through collective outreach capabilities
Impact Measurement
Measure impact and iteratively fine tune the solution to increase effectiveness and scale it up
Disseminate solution across sectors and geographies